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Osian Jones

Osian Jones

Osian is a Full-Stack Developer at The Website Marketing Group who really loves getting his hands dirty with JavaScript & CSS. He's the UX guru around here.

What is UX?

User Experience – UX design is the creation of digital software that is intuitive, easy to use, and have seamless interaction. UX Design is all about making sure the UI design has the best structure for usability. UX design focuses on who the website is for, what the website is for, what the purpose is, and the best way to meet that purpose. Whilst also focusing on what the client wants, and what the user wants.

What is UI?

User Interface – UI design is the looks and aesthetics of the website, where the user will interact with the website. The UI consists of the images, videos, typography, and colours. UI designers will follow the UX design to create a beautiful product, with the easy to use, seamless structure and layout. The User Interface design considers the visual and interactive aspects of the site, to give the user a clean and simple experience to navigate through the website.

Why is UX important?

UX design helps to create an improved experience for users on the website. The better the user’s experience, the better their opinion of your brand. Higher UX leads to higher conversion rates, as it specifically focuses on keeping them on the site longer, and pointing their attention towards purchasing a service or product, or subscribing to a mailing list, etc.

UX design can greatly improve the mobile experience of your website. With users wanting to find information and download a file or purchase a product as fast as possible, a good UX design can make this more efficient.

A good UX will also reduce bounce rates, and increase Search Engine Ranking. With a better User Experience, users will stay on the sight longer, and will interact more.

Why is UI important?

UI deals with the visual aspects of the page such as icons, buttons, images, typography, and colours.

The UI is where the user will interact with the page, it is what they will see. If the UI of the page is messy, ugly, or unprofessional, the user is less likely to stay and convert to a lead.

The UI needs to look clean, aesthetically pleasing, professional, and easy to use. Otherwise users will have a bad impression of the company. They could feel less trusting towards completing an action on the site, such as submitting a contact form, or completing a purchase.

In Summary

In summary, UX and UI design come hand in hand. They are both equally important, and you cannot successfully have one without the other. UI provides more success when paired with great UX, and websites perform better, with less bounce rates and more conversion rates when given professional UX.

At The Website Marketing Group we bring the best UX and UI design into all of our website projects. Find more info here.

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