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Choosing An Email Hosting Provider

Emailing is important for every business, it is the most used and easiest way to communicate between staff and customers, and it makes it easier to share important information and files. It is important to review your requirements and what benefits the hosting service provides.

Benefits of a Quality Email Hosting Provider

Linking your emails with your domain allows people to know who you are and what your brand is when you contact them. The domain name gives the impression of trust and expertise; Using an email address from Gmail or Yahoo, is a lot less trustworthy.

Email hosting services provide good security for the private information shared between staff within the business, and the customers. All emails would be encrypted, preventing them from being read by outside parties.

The email service gives the benefit of being able to sync email accounts across devices and software clients, allowing them to be read from anywhere.

What do you want from the email host?

Before you purchase a hosting plan you should consider what you require, and what the host can offer you.

What are your requirements for an email host? How many mailboxes do you need? How much storage space will it use? Do they offer or restrict use of software and clients on multiple devices?

All of these things are important requirements to consider. Using the email service for your business, with multiple departments, you will need multiple mailboxes for each department and employee. Having a large business will require many mailboxes. As a result the emails will need a large amount of storage space, especially when sending and receiving files and media.

Once you are aware of your requirements, you will be able to find the right hosting plan, that provides all the features you need.

We provide an email hosting service, ready for all devices, with reliable delivery, and is easy to use. Get in touch with us for more info on how we can help you.

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