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What is WordPress Migration?

Migrating your WordPress website means to transfer it from one hosting platform to another. For example, often after the website development process is complete, the website will be transferred(migrated) to a new hosting platform to make it live. Or when you switch to a new website host, you will need to migrate your website to the new hosting server. It can seem like a daunting task, but it can be quite simple.

How can I migrate my WordPress Website?

There are multiple different ways to migrate your WordPress site.

Method #1 – Plugins

There are various plugins available to download your website files and databases, and upload them to the new hosting location.

Method #2 – Manual Download & Upload

For this you need to manually access your website files and database, manually download them to your pc, and upload them to the new website.

Method #3 – Someone to do it for you

Hiring an expert to migrate your website can be a lot more efficient and less stressful. We offer a migration service, you can get more info here.

The first method and possibly easiest way to do it yourself, is using WordPress plugins. One of the most popular plugins is UpdraftPlus, after installing this plugin onto your site you can create a full backup and then download the backup to your computer. After this you can go to your new blank WordPress website and install UpdraftPlus there also, and restore the website using the backup stored on your computer.

Then there is the manual way without a plugin. For this method you need to access both hosts with FTP(FileZilla), as well as access to the databases(phpMyAdmin).

You will need to download all files within the public_html folder to your system, and use phpMyAdmin to access the database and export that to your PC. Once you have everything downloaded, you have to repeat this process in reverse, to your new host. Uploading all files downloaded from the old host public_html to the new public_html, and importing the database into phpMyAdmin.

Finding someone to complete this process for you is the simplest method. WordPress is the most popular CMS, so finding someone to complete the task is easy. We offer a website migration service, if you need your website migrating you can contact us here.

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